Gender Pay Gap statement 2017

As CK Supermarkets employs more than 250 colleagues it is required to comply with government regulations on gender pay reporting by publishing detail of its gender pay gap, specifically the difference in average female earnings compared to average male earnings.

The data shows

Difference in Mean Pay = 5.3%

Difference in Median Pay = 0%

Mean Bonus Pay = 0%

Median Bonus Pay = 0%

Percentage of Bonus Pay = 0%

Salary Quartiles: Female Male
 Lower Quartile  51.3%  48.7%
 Lower Middle Quartile  55.4%  44.6%
 Upper Middle Quartile  70.8%  29.2%
Upper Quartile  48.2%  51.8%

The data shows that there is no significant pay gap in CK Supermarket; As an average men earn marginally more than women, this is skewed to more men working in senior management roles than women, however we employ more women in secondary level management. We appoint on merit, regardless of age, race, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, disability or religion and belief. We will continue to ensure that equal pay and opportunities are promoted and that all our colleagues are treated fairly.

Alun Littlejohns
Operations Manager