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CK Supermarkets is a registered member of ERP UK Limited Packaging Compliance Scheme.

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Consumer Information Obligations

If your main activity is selling packaged goods, you must give your customers information about:

  • return, collection and recovery systems they can use
  • their role in reusing, recovering and recycling packaging and packaging waste
  • what recovery and recycling symbols on packaging mean
  • how to get copies of waste strategy guidance

Return, collection and recovery systems available to consumers:

The following page on ERP UK’s website includes a link where consumers can locate their nearest recycling point:

Consumers’ role in contributing to the reuse, recovery and recycling of packaging and packaging waste:

Information sharing about products containing packaging material is encouraged through the ERP website and through member forums and organisations specialising in recycling communications such as WRAP. ERP audits will include an assessment of the usage of recycled material in member products. Good examples will be benchmarked and promoted by ERP.

ERP also offers support for members who wish to work with a local authority or recycler directly to increase the return and recovery of packaging waste and to promote end market usage. We also work with our local authority partners to encourage consumers to recycle packaging waste more effectively and where possible we will support the provision of return systems.

The meaning of recovery and recycling markings on packaging:

Information about packaging markings and symbols can be accessed on the following page of ERP UK’s website:

The national waste strategies for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland:

Links to these are included on the following page of ERP UK’s website: